Recycling Growth - Inventory

Level: Beginner, Advanced

Does your staff need this training? Ask the following questions:

1. What is the time frame from when a vehicle arrives and when it is inventoried?

2. Does your staff understand the "cost of money" when vehicles sit in a holding area without being inventoried?

3. What is the integrity level of parts that are inventoried?

4. Are you utilizing new ways of selling your parts via Imaging?

5. Is the flow of vehicles from arrival, inventory, dismantle to yard running smoothly?

6. Bottom Line, are you getting maximum returns on your purchases/investment?

The Recycling Growth Inventory Training Program is designed for two levels; Beginner and Advanced. We can work with you to identify which program is suited to a specific individual.

Our Inventory Training does not single out a particular YIMS (Yard Information Management System) but seeks to identify all of the informational needs that a high performing inventory person needs to make your business profitable, whether you use a tablet or paper. All concepts/skills covered will be universally applied to the Auto Recycling Industry.

Critical skills/concepts reviewed:

1. Understand the Value of Inventory

2. Roles and Responsibilities

3. The Inventory Process

4. Incoming Vehicle System

5. Vehicle and Parts Imaging

6. Damage Codes and Imaging

7. Pre Dismantle Reports

8. Data in the marketplace - how inventory creates sales

An emphasis will be placed on the "urgency" of time as it relates to the return on investment in the parts vehicles that are purchased. 

Future growth can only be accomplished if you have the right people in the right place with a defined mission. Job skills training gives an employee a sense of value and builds loyalty to your company. There is no substitute for an educated employee.

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