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The Management Series is designed to provide training in all phases of running a successful Auto Recycling/Salvage Yard business.

Who should participate in the Management Series:

  • Existing Owners looking at a Refresher program to get up to date 
  • New Owners
  • Internal Management Prospects
  • Newly Hired Managers 

Q - Do you have the time to provide this type of training?

As Auto Recyclers, we are in a niche market. Bringing in people from outside the industry presents a number of challenges. Whether you have a small, medium or large organization how do you ramp up a new Supervisor or Manager to maximize their effectiveness? As Owners, we never ask our employees "What don't you know"? However, you might be surprised to know that most people have never had any training in HR/Team Building (from job descriptions and appropriate job screening to interviews and discipline).

We have designed the 10 week program so participants can take what they learn and apply the principles and concepts at work every week. Primary Topics include:

  • Auto Recycling
    • market niche, business models (full/self service, scrap, web), industry trends
  • TIme Management/Focus/Priorities/Decision Making & Execution
  • Management Communication Skills
    • Employee Relations, Running Successful Meetings, Conflict Resolution
  • Staff/Building the Team
    • From Job Descriptions through the On-boarding process
  • Technology
    • Management Information System, Inventory, Parts Sales Networks, Imaging
  • Sales/Customer Satisfaction
  • Auto Pilot - running your business or department the right way
  • Accountability
  • Performance - Run your business by the numbers
  • Developing a Culture of Change

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