Recycling Growth - On-Site Consulting


The Recycling Growth - Onsite Consulting program is designed to help Automotive Recycling/Salvage Yard Owners get the advisory focus necessary to grow their business.

Q - What percent of the time do you and your managers devote to tactical firefighting versus managing your business?

A - If you have a hard time prioritizing, making decisions, and implementing plans for your team then Onsite Consulting should be on your To Do List for 2016.

Q - Are you holding your team back because they can’t do anything “like you.”

A - In order for your team to be successful, you need to set expections and hold them accountable.

Q -  How often do you say “I don’t have time for meetings” and/or “I’ll do it myself because I can do it quicker”?

A - Making time to manage your business and manage your employees must be a number one priority. If you never teach your employees to "fish" they will continue to come to you for the answers. 

Q- Is your entire organization focused on the Customer Experience?

A - Welcome to the world. Companies around the globe spend billions on their customer experience. What is your plan?

Onsite Consulting is a systematic way of getting you to:

  • Think strategically, prioritize your resources, make decisions and execute your plan.
  • Focus on the Three Legged Stool of People, Inventory, and Processes
  • Focus on running your business on Auto Pilot

When was the last time you evaluated your organizational structure; departments and people?

Streamlining your organization and reviewing your Management Communication System might reveal structural dysfunction that is restraining your company’s growth.

One note of caution. Consulting does not mean ownership. You are responsible for implementing changes. You must commit to dedicating time and resources during the consulting process and be willing to change your behavior. Owners and Managers often times look to their teams to make changes without setting the same expectation for themselves. Our #1 Goal is to help you do this.

We will introduce you to new ideas, as well as recycling some old ideas with new energy and focus. The ultimate goal is to ensure that your business is equipped with the latest thinking to keep up with industry changes and help you generate growth.

To learn more about Recycling Growth - Onsite Consulting, contact us.

Add Ons

  • One day On-Site Assessment

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