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Recycling Growth – The Remote Personal Coaching program is designed to help the Automotive Recycling/Salvage Yard Owner get the advisory focus necessary to grow their business. Answer the following questions to determine if Remote Coaching may be in your future.

  • Do you find yourself spending your day going from one problem to another?
  • Do you wonder why you have to make so many decisions every day?
  • Do you equate being busy with being productive?
  • Are you re-investing in your inventory, facility or people?
  • Do you often wonder why you are doing more than your employees?
  • Are you tripping over dollars to make nickels?
  • Is your frustration causing you to stunt the growth of your business?

If you answered yes to any number of these questions, let us help.

Many Business Owners/Managers lack focus and fall into the Fire Fighting trap. In many cases, the entrepreneurial skills that allowed you to reach this level of business are not the managerial skills necessary to run a more mature organization. Admitting that you may not have all the answers is the first step to recovery for many entrepreneurs.

Most growth within an organization does not come from a lightning bolt of an idea, but an incremental approach to improving your organization, and recycling some of your existing systems with a fresh set of eyes.

Remote Personal Coaching is a systematic way of getting you to:

  • think strategically about your business
  • prioritize your business needs
  • make decisions about time, finances, and resources
  • execute your plan
  • follow through with plan and analyze results

Remote Personal Coaching presents an opportunity to meet without the logistics and cost of time and travel out of the office.

Remote Personal Coaching Sessions last 45 min via Web-Meeting which allows us time to discuss different facets of your business, evaluate your skills and approach to managing your business, focus on new business concepts, and follow up on progress from previous meetings. Choose Once or Twice a Month Sessions.

Remote Personal Coaching can also be part of a Hybrid Consulting Solution (On-Site Consulting & Remote Personal Coaching) with monthly remote sessions and quarterly on-site visits. We can tailor a program to meet your specific needs.

The goal of our sessions will be to streamline your organization, grow revenue, manage costs, groom your team, and become more nimble in adapting to our ever-changing industry.

To learn more about Recycling Growth - Remote Personal Coaching, contact us.

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