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Outrageous Sales & Customer Service

We have combined Sales & Customer Service due to the nature of most sales offices in the Auto Recycling industry, which includes a combination of walk-in and phone-in customers. Our "Sales" people must be able to handle retail and wholesale trade customers while also handling customer service issues.

Does your staff need this training? Ask the following questions:

1. Do all of your sales/customer service staff follow a friendly, professional script when answering and finishing a phone call?

2. Does your sales/customer service staff understand the true value of the customer?

3. Do your sales/customer service staff follow through on quotes daily?

4. Do your sales/customer service staff handle customer service issues promptly?

5. Does your sales/customer service staff have sales goals? Do they know their credit percent? Do they know their close rate?

6. Are all customers welcomed when entering your store and treated with respect?

7. Does your sales/customer service staff accomodate our diverse customer demographic? 

8. Are your sales/customer service employees compensated on increased sales?

The Recycling Growth Outrageous Sales & Customer Service Training Program is designed for employees new to the sales/customer service position, employees new to the auto recycling business with some sales experience, experienced employees who want to improve on their current set of sales/customer service skills.

 Critical Skills & Concepts:

1. Who is Your Customer?

2. Understand the Customer Experience

3. Roles and Responsibilities 

4. Listening Skills

5. Phone Skills and Techniques

6. Conflict Resolution

7. Understanding and Selling Genuine OEM Recycled Auto Parts

8. Up-Selling

9. Goals and Results 

Future growth can only be accomplished if you have the right people in the right place with a defined mission. Job skills training gives an employee a sense of value and builds loyalty to your company. There is no substitute for an educated employee. 

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