Recycling Growth - Team Builder


The Recycling Growth – Team Builder Workshop is designed to develop our most valuable asset, our employees, and to create a work environment that focuses not only on results, but also develops their talents as the company grows.

Future growth can only be accomplished if you have the right people in the right place with a defined mission. Management style will be an overriding topic as we assess whether we are truly managing our precious resources towards achieving the mission or committing too much time fighting fires. 

The changing workforce means that we can no longer depend on employees for long term employment. How we manage our human resources to reach our goals is even more important. We must adapt to the changing demands of new employees to maximize their talents. 

Employees need and want direction. During the Team Building Workshop, we will breakdown different aspects of developing our staff: onboarding new employees, roles and responsibilities, developing our people into higher level positions, cross training, measuring productivity, discipline, incentives, and providing a positive safety culture. We will review existing lines of communication and techniques to improve the flow of information. Existing policies, expectations and standards will be discussed and evaluated.

Who should attend: Managers, Supervisors, Foreman, Leads, and Owners

This is a full-day workshop. 

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