Who Are We?

Who are we?

Recycling Growth is a Training, Coaching, Consulting Company. While our primary customers are in the Auto Recycling Industry, our content is broad enough to reach into other vertical markets. For the Auto Recycling Community: Our goal is to support and promote Skills, Knowledge, and Experience in the aggressive pursuit of making Recycled OEM Auto Parts a "First" choice of Professional Body and Repair Shops, as well as Do-it-Yourselfers.


To provide the highest level of trust, respect, and commitment to our clients.


Provide unparalleled service to our clients with the philosophy of “Engage, Share, Educate and Grow.”

 Core Values 

  • Integrity | “Do the Right Thing” is embedded in our DNA
  • Passion | We will bring our energy and passion for business to our work every day
  • Team Work | We will strive for collaboration at all levels of your organization
  • Results Driven | We will work to achieve results expected by our customers
  • Pay it Forward | Engage in the communities we live and work in

Expectations of Customers:

  • Be involved in the process and engage all members of your organization
  • Begin with the idea that change is the only constant we have and we will start with you
  • Prioritize your business based on the concept that your Team and your Customers are #1


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